AnV Real Estate is a newly established agency which specialises in residential property that aims to deliver professional services, support, and advice on properties from the comfort of your own home via email, live chat or phone. Our philosophy believes first and foremost in integrity, honesty, and professionalism, and we look forward to delivering these services to you efficiently, achieving the best results, giving you the best foothold in the market. Although we are young in the business, our friendly experienced and qualified staff will guide you through your real estate journey with personalised advice and a one-on-one service at your convenient location.

MORE DETAILS ~ Licensee-In-Charge

The agency is run by Licensee-In-Charge who had been in the real estate market for over 12 years and have much knowledge of the residential property. He specializes in residential sale properties and his expertises are renting and investing. He is also local JP with good patience and professional attitude.