Special Offers for House Rent

Why switch to ANV Real Estate Agents for your property management needs?
Q: Do you charge the same management fee as other real estate agencies?
A: No, we only charge 4% plus GST as compared to average market rate of 6% plus GST.
Q: Does it really make a big difference?
A: Although it is only a 2% difference, yet if you count it for a year, it could be a substantial amount. e.g. for a property on an average rental income of $500 per week, the annual management fee on a rate of 4% plus gst is $1716.00 as compared to $1144.00 on a 6% plus gst. It is clearly a saving of $572.00 per year.
Q: How about the administration fee?
A: We do not charge any admin fee as compared to average market rate of $5 plus gst per month.
Q: How about tenancy agreement fee?
A: Nil as compared to $55 as market rate.
Q: Is there any other fee or hidden property management charge involved?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Do you need to find new tenants with the change of management?
A: No, your current lease agreement stays in place.
Q: What happens to the tenants if I change the property managers?
A: Your current tenancy agreement remains absolutely unaffected. The change of property managers does not mean that you need to find new tenants. The same tenants stay in the property. Anything that changes is your management fee which means more savings for you.
Q: How many times do you disburse the payments to the landlord?
A: We do it twice a month (generally every fortnight)
Q: Do you send a monthly statement to the landlord?
A: Yes, we do.
For an average rental income of $500 per week, on a yearly basis, the average saving with ANV is more than $600 that you could use towards your holidays, Christmas gifts or much more.
So think about changing the management now and start saving.
Please pick up the phone and call Team ANV on 0414189384 now to speak to one our property consultants or simply email on info@anvrealestate.com.au.